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Our Vision:Tracy Interfaith Ministries (T.I.M.) is an interactive group of participating church bodies whose ministry is to the community in need. We have been called forth to give temporary and emergency service to all those who knock on our door in that we may glorify God through this ministry.
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Who are the needy??
  • A single Mom, of two school age children, who has recently had her work hours cut-back.  Groceries twice a month will help her provide meals for her children until she finds more work.
  • A Grandmother, retired and on a fixed income, who has taken in four toddler grandchildren – their parents have left town to find work; they have been gone for two months.  She finds the help with groceries and clothes essential in making a secure home for the children.
  • A veteran, elderly and homeless, who is caught in the process of simultaneously applying for benefits and housing.  He visits Interfaith for a chat and basic food for a few days and an occasional clean set of clothes.
Operations - Clothes Closet

What is Tracy Interfaith Ministries’  ‘clothes closet’?  The end product is a ‘store’ where a client or the client-family ‘shops’ for garments, shoes, coats or bedding for those in their household.  However, there are two major phases before the ‘store’ is ready for clients.

1) New or gently used garments, shoes and bedding are received.  Every item is donated by members of the community and local businesses.  Donations are received daily at the back door by volunteers. Donors are provided a receipt.  There is one large room that provides temporary storage.

2) From the receiving area, the donations make way to the ‘sorting’ room – where each week dozens of volunteers inspect each item and are then placed in the ‘store’ areas designated for men, women and children by size, etc.

The “Clothes Closet”, made ready by our donors and volunteers, meets the needs of clients five days a week.

                 Operating Hours

Client Services
   Monday - Friday  10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    Monday - Friday  10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    Saturday   10 a.m. -  noon


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Director's Corner

Happy New Year! Blessing to you and your loved ones.

May 2015 continue to increase the flow of compassionate care that flows from the faithful of Tracy Interfaith Ministries’ Volunteers to the most needy in our community.

SUCCESS = Clothing individuals and families with basics they cannot provide for themselves.

SUCCESS = Community Members:  DONORS of gently used clothes and VOLUNTEERS in the sorting or shopping areas – five days a week,  10 a .m. – 2 p.m.

We want to thank all of those who make our work possible; the volunteers who give so much of their time, the donors who give so generously of their cash and all of those who give us food, clothing and household supplies.

It’s a team effort and we’ve got a great team. 

Yours in the Lord's service,

       Darlene Quinn,

Tim Pic

    How We Served in January 2015

Clients Served -    5,516 (2,125 children)
Meals Provided -  77,955
Clothing Room Visits: 1,227
Working Days - 20

311 West Grant Line Road
Tracy, CA 95376
Office: 209-836-5424
FAX: 209-836-5096
Hours: 10am - 2pm Mon-Fri
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