Building A Mission

Our new building was completed with the generous donations of individuals and corporate supporters. It takes many people to build a mission and we want to recognize all who contributed to ours. We moved into the new facility in September of 2008, just in time to meet the increase in need due to the Great Recession. Our thanks go to all of the individuals, businesses, and organizations, listed below, who helped make our building possible.
Donations to Tracy Interfaith Ministries are tax deductible.

TIM New Building July 07
T.I.M. New Building July, 2007

Our Building Committee
Gonzalo Aguilar
Archie Bakerink
Greg Bidlack
Al Carnahan
Diane Carnahan
Dennis Noble
Tim O'Donnell
Darlene Quinn
John Ryan
Dan Schack
Michael Souza
Lamar Stephenson
Robert Weinberg

Our Building Committee -- Retired
Victoria Caldeira
Richard Cecchi - deceased
John Davis
Pattie Davis
Wes Huffman
Marian Evans
Beverly Hatt
Barbara Peck
Irene Sundberg

Fund Raising Committee
Jackie Noll
Maryann Kalina
Renee Reece
Jeanette Johnson

Contributors of Goods and Services
ADT Modesto Office
Barth Roofing
Brian G. Green
City of Tracy
Colonial Landscape Services
Costco Distribution Center
Costco Store
Eagle Roofing
First American Title
Gehrig Construction Company
Golden State Lumber Supply
Granite Construction Company
Kleinfelder, Inc.
Legacy Transportation Service, Inc.
Main Street Music
Lee-Jagoe Architecture, Inc.
Mattos Equipment Transport
Oliveri  Cabinets, Inc.
Party Warehouse
Michael Repetto
Select Build
Silicon Graphics
Simpson Strong Tie
Sheehan Construction, Inc.
Sonic Interiors
Spence Engineering Services, inc.
Standard Pacific Homes
Sunrise Rotary
Tracy Chamber of Commerce
Tracy Instant Print
Tracy Press
Tracy Sign
Turf N Tree
TWE Enterprise
White Cap

Saints ($100,000 or more)
The AKT Communities Fund of the Sacramanto Region Community Foundation
Souza Charitable Foundation

Seraphim ($50,000 or more)
The Tracy Hospital Foundation
Community Development Block Grant

Cherubim ($10,000 or more)
Central Valley Assoc. of Realtors
Don and Darlene Cose
Kelly and Russell Kagehiro
John and Atha Kimball
Judith and Rick O'Neil
Darlene Quinn
John and Bellik Schneider
St. Bernard's Church
St. Mark's Church
Tank Town Lions
Tracy Breakfast Lions
Tracy Rotary Club
Tracy Woman's Club

Archangels ($5,000 or more)
A. G. Spanos Golf Tournament
Becki and Robert Brown
Caroll & Nancy Cole
Arvene and James Edwards
David Guaraldi
Mary and Kenneth Higdon
Leroy and Velma Leal
Sheila and Harry McClelland
John Mast
New American Homes/Spencer Enterprise, Inc.
George and Marilyn Ramirez
Service First Bank

Angels ($1,000 or more)
A Little Light
Viki and Royal Aaby
Becky and Andrew Allaire
American Legion Post #172
G. A. Bakerink
Bank of Stockton
Patricia and Walter Benge
Mike and Albert Bogetti
Lorna Boothroyd
Patricia and Dale Brandes
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Committee to Elect Lynn Bedford 
Community Banks of Northern California
Gary & Sylvia Cross
Elizabeth and Roger Cunning
Ruby and Renee Devasia
Eaton Optometric Group
Jean and Martin Enos
First Presbyterian Church
Sara and Paul Gamache
Patricia and Patrick Gavin
Gene Gini
Golden State Corvettes
Betty Grande
Lynn and David Hartzell
Deana and Ken Hugen
Monika and Dewey Hunt
Jeanette and Brett Johnson
Maryann Kalina
K. C.'s
Diane and Patrick Kelly
Jack Klemm
Sharon and Bruce Ludeman
Mason and McDuffy Real Estate
Bonny and Greg McCreary 
Sharie and John Meyer
Peter Mitracos
Celeste and Albert Navarra
Our Lady of Fatima Society
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
People of Christ Missionary Baptist Church
Susan and David Perry
Harriett Peterson
Glenna and Leroy Petz
Pleasanton Presbyterian Church Choir
Reece Spray Service
Louella and Clifford Robertson
Jennie and John Ryan
Cynthia and Dwain Sanders
Alissa and J. Michael  Sanders
Sarvey's Shoes
Save Mart Super Markets
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Jean and Ray Shipman
Soroptimist International
Soroptimist International/Daybreak
Sparkles and Ravioli the Clowns
Joy and Lamar Stephenson
St. Paul's Church
Dorlane and Derone Thrasher
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
United Methodist Women
Earl Van Bebber
Penny and Frans Van Der Meer
Vernalis Warehouse
Wal-Mart Foundation
Frances Adair Weinberg
Frances Estelle Weinberg
Wells Fargo Foundation
Gregory Whitacre
Georgia and Paul Worley

Patrons ($500 or more)
Bank of the West
W. J. Benner
BHI Management Consulting
Coleen and Don Bianchi
Patricia and Dale Brandes
Lois and Michael Brenkwitz
Jackie Brown
Cash Saver Ads, Inc.
Maria and John Chao
Michael Coleman
Committee to Elect Dan Bilbrey
Janice Cordova
Claire Cronin
Arlene and Ben Curran
Diana and David Daily
Patricia and Stanford Davis
Karen and Shannon Edwards
First United Methodist Church
Charlotte and Arthur Freiler
Friends of Barbara Matthews
Linda K. Groves
Joanne and Bruce Kimbrough
Susan and Andris Lazdins
Louie the Plumber
Cherie and Carl Mealie
Dianna and Laurence Mohr
Nanroy, Inc.
Delores and Earl Olson
Sunil Patel
Barbara Pombo
Toni Marie Raymus
Antoinette and Russell Reece
Curtis Repetto
Lillian Repetto
Ringer Chiropratic
Betty and Stanley Robertson
Carla and William Schumacher
Manjit and Kuldeep Sidhu
Carol and John Silva
Opal and Lloyd Stroup
Irene and Paul Sundberg
Tracy City Firefighter's Assoc.
TUSD Sunshine Fund
Barbara and Henry Welch
West High School  FFA
West High Institute for Global Commerce and Government

Naomi Adams
Agape Missionary Baptist Church
Albert Realty Services
Betty and Charles Alcock
Leslie and Terry Alexander
Gayle Allan
All American Sports Academy
Sandra Altamirano
American Legion Auxiliary
Kathie and Steve Anaya
Eleanor Andreiko
Rose and Earl Arave
Dawn and Scott Arbogast
Lorraine Arnaudo
Susan and Keith Ashley
Assad Insurance Agency
Lucy Azevedo
Baja Fresh
Nat & Rosemary Bacchetti
Bacchetti and Silva Dairy
Donna and Thomas Baker
Jeri and Frank Barone
Carol and Donald Barrow
Barbara Batten
Bee Properties
Mitra Behnam
Molly Bell
Albert Benson
Esther Bethman
Clyde & Ina Bland
Paulette Bogetti
Louis Bohn
Florence and Earl Bortz
Lance & Tracy Bourque
Barbara and Frank Bowman
Donna and Ben Boyd
Donald & Alexandra Bradbury
Marilyn and David Brader
Barbara and Thomas Brenkwitz
Mary and Stephen Brenkwitz
Charlotte Britto
John Brooks
Patricia and Thomas Brown
Victoria and Gary Buckman
Kathleen and George Buffleben
James and Jackie Bush
Rebecca Cameron
Tiffany Michele Carl
Charlene and Gustav Carlson
Michael Casey
Mildred and Harold Casper
Angie Cecchi
Alan Chevrefils
Chevy's Restaurant
Thomas and Marilyn Chorley
Coldstone Creamery
Mary and Luis Correia
Janet and Robert Corsaro
Elayne and Louis Costa
Ann and Tony Costa
Nelson Costa
Lauri and Philip Costello
Matthew & Melissa Cripe
Norma and Art Cummings
Shelly and Gerald Cuningham
Daughters of the Cross
Norma and Eldon Davis
Priscilla Davis
Debbie Delancy
Robert Denham
Gino & Gina DePuccio
Nadine L. Dietz
Dillon Lucas Commercial Interiors
Diversified Underlayments & Coatings, Inc.
Elizabeth and Joseph Dooman
Heather and Vincent Doromal
Betty Douglas
Barbara and David Edwards
Tamara and Mark Edwards
Elite Wedding Group
George & June Ellington
John & Susan Elliott
Elissagaray Ranch Annual Garage Sale
Gilda and Albert Emhoff
Elizabeth English
E. M. Ennis
Elizabeth Enos
Irene Esenarro
Richard & Marion Evans
Diane Fabia
Delia and Fernandes Fagundes
Gil and Regina Fagundes
Rosie Fagundes
John and Margaret Ferreira
Ferreira and Silva Dairy
Lori and Brian Finney
Barbara Fitzpatrick
Dodie and Phil Fleising
David & Nettie Foos
Rebecca Frame
Bernice and James French
Phil Gadd
Julie and Dan Galeazzi
Andrew Galligan
Celeste Garamendi
Linda Gleason
Joyce Glover
Janet and Ric Gokey
Harriet Goldberg
Edita and Adnan Gonzalez
Good News Missionary Baptist
Lauren and Casey Goodall
Walter Goiveia
E. Thomas & Stella Graham
John & Cynthia Gustafson
Margaret Guttieri
Judith and James Haggmark
Hakeem, Ellis and Marengo
Opal and James Hall
Daisy and William Hamilton
Marie and Todd Hanness
Juanita Hansen
Charles & Helen Harrison
Penelope and Robert Harrison
Beverly Hatt
Thomas and Joyce Hawkins
Debra and Steven Hawley
James and Dyan Hayes
Ralph Hayes and Sons
Paul Heally
Robert Hedrick
H. F. Heffner
Dave Hensprite
Julie Hermsmeyer
Peter & Alberta Hernandez
Ronald Hoffman
Mary and Earl Hove
Peter and Annabel Huarte
Rachelle Huffman
Pam and Richard Hughes
Italian Catholic Federation
Margaret James
Katherine and Gary Jefferson
Thelma and Harry Johnson
Janice Johnson
Jean Marie Johnson
Nancy and Ronald Johnson
Mildred Jordan
Charlotte and Arthur Junqueiro
Donna and Donald Juelke
Elsie Kagehiro
Teresa and Tom Kahn
Denise and Mike Kanner
George & Helen Kelly
Kendall Construction Company
Michelle Kendrick
Richard Kennedy
Christina  Kingston
Kiwanis Club of Tracy
Knights of Columbus Council #4041
Lillian and Karl Kruzela
Kenneth & Christine Knoll
Ken and Loretta Knutson
Lakeside Chapel
Mary Landis
Cynthia and Robert Lanning
Debra and Steve Laroza
V. A. Laroza
Diane and Gary Larson
Lee-Jagoe Architecture
Karen and William Levin
Lindsey Fence Co.
Jacqueline Lonaker 
Henry & Angelina Long
Evadene and Donald Low
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Lucchetti
Shirley and Gerald Machado
Thomas and Regina Maduell
Gloria Malear
Margaret and George Mandish
Phyllis and Fredrick Marriott
Gabe & Rose Marie Martin
Nanette Martin
Rhonda Masson
Joan and Samuel Mathews
Laura McCutcheon
Marian and Vernon McGlothlin
Maria and Michael McGuire
Marietta and Michael McLellan
Cathy McMaster
Connie S. Mead
Rochelle & Jahn Meintz
Iantha and Darrel Mellion
Debbie and Dana Miller
Carol and Larry Minner
Rhonda and Steven Mizuno
Imogene and Albert Moore
New Jerusalem School
Arvada and Donald Nicholson
Geri and Albert Nigg
Manuel & Delphina Nunes
Norma Olinger
D. Oliveri
Lisa and Michael Oliveri
Christina and Paul Oneal
Leroy & Jennie Ornellas
Mary Ornellas
Jennifer Owens
Noel and George Parker
Sandra and Richard Paulson
Pederson Golf Club Repair
Joyce and William Peitz
Shirley and David Pellegri
Maria Peterson
Sharen Petrig
Pamela and John Pettis
Polly and Charles Petz
Wendy Petz
F. C. Phillips
Glorianne and Leonard Piatek
Piff and Associates
Sheryl and Joe Pimentel
Jean and Troy Pombert
Pombo Real Estate
Pombo Land and Cattle Co.
Allan Powers
Clarence and Betty Pratt
Mary  C. Pribyl
Mary J. Pribyl
Elizabeth Pruitt
Julie and Bruce Quinn
Janis Rainey
Teresa Ramirez
Elsie Randall
Vicki and Gary Rapaport
Jeane and James Rashe
Lawrence & Paula Re
Renee and John Reece
Charlene and Pete Reece
Marlene and Richard Reeves
Ray M. Rhead
Patricia and George Riddle
Judy and Gerald Robertson
Doris Rodocker
Bernie Romero
Benjamine Rose
Jean Roso
Ralph & Dorothy Ruiz
Edna Ryder
Michael Ryman
Vicki and Michael Santiago
Emma Sarvey
Alice and Martin Sasser
Barry Schleicher
Nancy and Joseph Schlemmer
Peter Schmitz
Robert and Josie Schneider
Mary and Philip Serbin
Bernard & Genevieve Sherry
Sharon Shiroma
Veronica Shokoor
Faye Sibbring
Carrie Silveira
Ida and Joe Silveira
Ina Silveira
Sandra and William Silveira
Virginia and Jeffrey Skelton
Jack Sjolin
 Doreen Costa Slayter
Jim Slayter
Lois and Arley Smith
Josephine and John Smith
Lynn and Norman Soares
Bernice Souza
Margaret Spatafore
Donna and Richard Spence
Jean and Richard Staas
George Stein
Illene Strom
Julia and Allen Sturdevant
Florence and Kevin Swan
Ann and William Swenson
Gretchen Talley
Tangles Salon and Spa
Sandra and John Thompson
Charlotte Tiesing
Evelyn Tolbert
Evelyn and Joe Toste
Virginia and Ken Towsley
Tracy Auxiliary CHS
Tracy Cal Dolls
Tracy Military Wives Club
Tracy Ministerial Assoc.
Tracy Nisei Club
Tracy Operators (Biomass Plant)
Constance Traina
Marie and Julius Traina
True Vine Christian Fellowship
Marco Tucker
Erica Uhlman
Michael Uppling
Susan Uppling
Lavawn and Eli Valadez
Willian Van Sloten
Julia Vasquez
Lilia Vasquez
Wagner Works
Dorothy and Hubert Walker
Lynette and Christopher Walker
Janet and Everard Walton
C. White
James White
Marie and Kent White
Laura and Bart Williams
Betty and Walter Williamson
Gwen Wilson
Barbara and Gary Wininger
Jinmei Woan
Donna Wood
Karla and Marty Woodard
Betty and Steven Worthington
Donald Yerian
Karyn and Kenneth Zblewski
Muriel Zimmer

A special thanks to all those whose name may not be mentioned, but who have supported us through service club fundraisers, anonymous cash donations and purchases of raffle tickets, etc. This has truly been a community project and every contribution has helped.

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