About Tracy Interfaith Ministries

Our Vision

Tracy Interfaith Ministries (T.I.M.) is an interactive group of participating church bodies whose ministry is to the community in need. We have been called forth to give temporary and emergency service to all those who knock on our door in order that we may glorify God through this ministry.

Our Story

There was a call to do God’s work and it all began for us in February of 1988. Twelve area churches joined together to expand what had previously been done unilaterally. The name chosen was Tracy Interfaith Ministries (T.I.M.). The logo was designed with three triangles coming together at one point to signify our one goal. The T.I.M. lettering was designed to give the illusion of the Cross of Jesus. T.I.M. originally took over an area of the First Presbyterian site but eventually outgrew that location. Since inception, we have outgrown three facilities. We completed the construction of a permanent location in September of 2008. The 10,000 square foot facility is built on land leased from the City of Tracy on a fifty-five-year lease at $1.00 a year.

Originally there were six volunteers but by the end of the first year, that number had grown to thirty-five. We remain an all-volunteer organization, and we now have over one hundred very dedicated and caring people who volunteer each month. We are always looking for more volunteers. Most, but not all, come to us from member churches which now number twenty-two.

Each member church has a seat on our Board of Directors and a say in our operating policies and procedures. Each church contributes in some way (volunteers, cash, food, etc.) to our support. We also have strong support from individuals, organizations, and corporations in our community. In addition, several grants cover a large portion of our food and infant products costs.

We service the low-income residents who live within the Tracy Unified School District and Lammersville School District and we also help those stranded in Tracy. We always provide some food even when we must refer some clients to another town for help. No one leaves our premises hungry. Although we are a faith-based organization, we require nothing more than evidence of need from our clients. In addition to food and clothing, we provide many other essentials such as shampoo and toothpaste, and in some instances, we provide emergency bus tickets, plus referrals to other service organizations.

Tracy Interfaith Ministry Board Officers

Chairman: Renee Reece
Vice Chairman: Robert Oppenheimer
Secretary: Sara Gamache
Treasurer: Debbie Jones
Director: Carrie Grover
Assistant Directors: Amy Scudder and Kathy Breeden
Financial Advisor & Auditor: Schwartz, Giannini, Lantsberger & Adamson Accountancy Corporation

Tracy Interfaith Ministries is a Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID # is 943150638.


We are located at 311 W Grant Line Road in Tracy

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 404

Tracy, CA 95378

Office: (209) 836-5424  Fax: (209) 836-5096

10 am – 2 pm Monday – Thursday
We will be closed on Fridays until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.
10 am – 12 pm Saturday (donations only)

Email: info@tracyinterfaith.org