We need volunteer drivers for weekly donation grocery pickups. Gas mileage reimbursement offered. Contact Catalina at (209) 362-5264 for more information.

No Paid Employees as Tracy Interfaith Ministries

Aug 21, 2020 | news


Did you know that there are no paid employees at Tracy Interfaith? It takes about 30 people a day to keep things running smoothly here and we have about 100 people who come each month to make that happen. We have an executive director, three assistant directors, a treasurer, a receptionist, warehouse supervisors, pantry stockers, intake interviewers, clothing sorters, and truck drivers, and not one of them earns a penny for what they do. Why would they do that? Some of our volunteers come for school or court-mandated hours, which is great, but many come to help us out of the goodness of their hearts. They have a desire to serve others and be part of something that does a lot of good in the community. However, most of them would probably tell you that they get just as much out of serving at Interfaith as they give. 

Do you have even an hour once a month to come help? We would love to have you any time! Of course, if you want to come on a more regular basis that would be great too. Our volunteers have fun and are all super friendly, I promise!

Don’t have time to volunteer right now? If you would rather make a financial contribution, that would help too! When you make a donation to Tracy Interfaith you can be confident that none of your money is paying a salary. Your money goes directly to providing food for families in Tracy. We take our stewardship seriously and promise to spend the money you share with us responsibly. 

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